13 x 30min Reality Cooking TV Series

In Doghouse Kitchen our host and top chef coach couples in dire straights, using food as a way to open the lines of communication.

Target Audience: 18-39; female skewed
Development Phase: Phase 1- Development of Series Bible and Non-Broadcast Demo

Have you been “in the doghouse” with someone you love? Have you accidentally made a comment or pulled a stunt that bought you a one-way ticket to endless nights on the couch? Have you unintentionally offended a loved one, neighbor, or teammate and found yourself on the receiving end of the cold shoulder – or the dreaded silent treatment? Well, The Doghouse team wants to get you back in the good books.

The Dog /dôg/ n. 1. Anyone who has created a relationship crime so heinous it has lead them to the “silent treatment” and/or “endless nights on the couch”. They need to get back in the good books by working with our Doghouse team to prepare a meal for the bitten party as way to re-open the lines of communication; 2. the offending party.

The Bitten /ˈbīt-in/ n. 1. Anyone who has had to suffer the Dog’s bite, they are a relative, a partner, team mate, husband or wife. They look forward to the five start meal and a chance for the dog to write their wrongs. 2. the “victim”

Our Chef attempts to “walk the Dog” through the process of creating a 3-course meal to reopen the conversation with the Bitten party. Our Chef uses recipes from their own personal stash and sources ingredients from local farms and markets that will cater to the Bitten party’s palette.

If it was a tasteless relationship crime that deemed them a Dog, this five star meal will “set the table” for our Bitten party. The Dog, with his or her new culinary know how, will hope to make amends and bite into a delicious meal without biting their tongue.

At the start of each episode our Chef and host introduce the back story for this week’s show. They also reveal the travel location and pepper it up with a little history of the the regions most infamous and delicious menu finds. They’ll also spice things up with some Doghouse worthy historical tidbits to set the mood.

After their initial meeting, Our Chef takes the Dog on a shopping trip, seeking out only the best ingredients from the regions finest foodie selects. At this time the audience will learn delicious secrets from our Chef, as well as our Dog’s apology that is crafted with a little help from our host. Our Chef then brings the Dog home where they work together to prepare the meal. In this segment our Dog learns how to work a meal with the Chef in a culinary environment, the importance of food perfection, and the art of presentation.

The meal is complete. The table has been set. Our team has cleared out, and our Chef, host, and Dog have had the first taste test. Delicious- our dog has succeed in phase one: culinary trial by fire.

Our Bitten party has arrived, their meal awaits.

Will this culinary gesture sweep the Bitten off of their feet? Will the Dog be able to bite their tongue and write their wrong? Or will they be sent packing – and into the doghouse for good?