26 x 5min HD Children’s TV Series

Created by: Darwin Frost & Haydn Wazelle

Babies just love other Babies, and Babies for Babies feeds that love by featuring the early development of a newborn animal (cat, dog, lamb, turtle, etc) in each episode with educational info, and captivating imagery of the newly born, cute and cuddly creatures.


Four kids will rotate as host and narrate simple 5min vignettes about baby animals’ moments days after they are born; we will visit the newborn animal in its environment (some in nature, some in zoos, some in family homes). We’ll film its early development, and have one of our child hosts narrate the segment with interesting facts about the species. Ideally we will also capture the child narrators own excitement as they see something happening for the first time! The show will focus on an educational theme but always feature cute/cuddly animals which children will want to play with and enjoy watching other kids play with. The closing credits will feature the narrator playing with a cute and cuddly baby animal in a white room, preferably puppies or kittens.

We expect the show to not only be entertaining for infants & toddlers, but also educational, as the children will learn about different animals and the early development of these animals- and possibly relate these learning experiences to their own lives.