Eon Altar: Talking Turkey

Geçen hafta PAX East oyun fuarında tanıtılan bir ürün, epeyce ilgimizi çekti. Aramızda masaüstü RPG/FRP oyunları oynayanlar var. (Evet, o benim! -Can) Bir de bu oyunları dijital olarak oynayanlar var ki, bu kitle daha büyük. İşte bu iki tarzı biraraya getirmek için yola çıkan ‘Flying Helmet Games’ ekibi, çok teknolojik bir ürünle gelmişler fuara. (Read More)

Eon Altar Brings Local Gaming Back to Life

Eon Altar presents to you a high-tech tabletop co-operative RPG. It’s designed to be played as a board game, bringing you and four friends together for some social gaming action without the mess of an actual board game (Seriously, no ever wants to clean up after Monopoly). I had no idea of the existence of this game until today, but I fell in love as soon as I set my eyes on the announcement video. (Read More)

Introducing EON ALTAR, the new Tabletop Video Game in development for iOS, Windows 8 and Android.

Eon Altar is a new cooperative role-playing adventure that blends the experience of classic tabletop gaming and modern video games into a Tabletop Video Game. Five friends fight through dungeons to uncover ancient secrets and compete for glory and wealth. Using personal handsets to control your character’s actions, with a tablet to adventure through dungeons as a group, players undertake a cinematic journey unlike anything ever before in a tabletop setting. Through turn-based action and fast-paced combat, each player will build a legendary hero. Collect gear, earn new abilities, battle monstrous creatures, and overcome environmental challenges.
At the end of each gaming session the players will emerge victorious, but only through a balance of teamwork and healthy competition. However, through many sessions each character’s story will be revealed, and the ancient secrets from the depth of the caverns will be unveiled. (Read More)