Scarlett was born in October 2010. She is a very beautiful, funny little lass. She calls Daddy “Daddy” and calls Mummy “Baby”. She has a brilliant sense of humor and (like her mum) is getting very good at hide and seek. Everyone always says “You’re going to have to lock her up when she is older” – I (probably) won’t go that far, but I will buy a large stick for whenever any local lads come round. In fact, I am already devising a plan on how I deal with said chancers. It will aim to be a very stringent door-policy, while amusing me at the same time.

Either way Scarlett is Daddy’s little girl, and I fear the day when she won’t be. Until then we’re going to carry on having a good laugh, taking the mickey out of each and preparing her to be the first person to win an Olympic Gold Medal, Nobel Prize and Oscar in the same year. She’s cool and has taught me more in the last 18 months than I have gained in my previous 30 odd years. She does a great monkey impression (even when she sees a cat or a pigeon) plus she is brilliant at spotting planes in the sky.

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